Monday, February 8, 2010

One Week Down

Well! We got a pretty good look this week at what P90X is all about! We missed two workouts due to DVD and electronics issues. And I have determined that I CANNOT eat 3000 calories a day at this point! Even Brandon has a hard time getting that much food in. Sure, if we ate chocolates or high fat / high sugar foods we could pull off 3000 calories, but eating according to P90X nutrition...all that high quality healthy food....3000 calories is a HIGH VOLUME of food!

Now, due to our missed workouts and our desire to see serious results, we are going to do week one over again. The first 4 weeks are the same workouts (perfecting the moves and getting in all the reps), so we'll have 5 weeks of the same work outs. The decision is a good one, but it messes with my precision mindedness a bit. I liked that we started on February 1st so I could measure progress in "months", but I can reset and refocus for a good cause.

Additionally, I am seriously considering joining a roller derby team! I need something fun to do for exercise. Not that P90X is not "fun", but...oh heck, who am I kidding?! P90X isn't fun! I'm determined to get my workout in every day, and I know its going to get me results, but I definitely wouldn't call it a rockin good time!

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